Bringing it all together

Your dashboard is a summary of your accounts activity. It acts as the launch pad for all of the Podcasteasy features that help you manage your podcast efficiently. With handy tools (such as todos) and an overview of today’s activities, you’ll never miss a beat.

Podcasteasy - Dashboard

Your Next Plan

First and foremost never miss that recording session or deadline for your next show. We’ll count down to your next plans launch date. Plus we provide handy links to get right into updating your plan.

Upcoming Reminders

Your next 5 reminders are displayed to ensure you don’t forget them. Today’s reminders are also indicated with a little more prominence than others.

Manage your podcast from your dashboard

A handy link to jump right to your podcast to update any settings or details.

Today’s Events

Today’s events are displayed on a calendar front and center. These events include plans, reminders, and events.

Current Time

Always handy, especially if working in a team. This combined with a countdown to your plans launch/recording time will keep you on track.

ToDo List

Never forget those small tasks relating to your podcast, or anything really. Even grabbing the milk can be a todo item.

Down the Road

The dashboard is in its first version. In the future there will be more integrations and insights to help you be more efficient in managing your podcast. Such as contact quick links and details.