Create a new plan for each episode

Plans are easy to create and help you ensure your next episode is great.

Record/Launch date

Determine when your next episode is to be recorded with plan launch dates, and we’ll show a countdown on your dashboard.

Categorization of plans

Apply categories to each plan for searching later and quick identification of each episode’s main topic.

Saved Segments

Saved segments make it even faster to plan your show. They also help keep a consistant structure to your podcast by providing reusaable segement templates.

Topic based planning

Add an unlimited number of topics in a plan. Then add details on each topic. This is heart of episode plans.

Advertisement placeholders

Add placeholders for pre-recorded ad spots so you know when to break for the ads and where to put them when in post production.

Link contacts to plans

Link your contacts to a plan when performing interviews. As well as adding interview scripts to streamline your interview recording process.

Plan reminders

Add reminders to your plans so that you remember to perform anything specific to a plan. Such as research into a particular topic for that episode.

Collaborate with co-hosts

Have a co-host? Plans are a great way to collaborate with your team. Everyone in your team can work on your plans.

Plan Resource Management

Add various files to your plans to deliver greater content and store files for later usage. For example, upload an Ad spot you recorded to make sure you add it to your final show. Or add PDF files to deliver through your website or refer to during recording.