Looking forward for Podcasteasy

You’ve provided us with some great ideas and we plan to develop these features as we grow.

Podcast hosting

Imagine not only managing contacts and planning your shows, but that you can upload your final cut to your Podcasteasy account and sync with all the major podcasting channels. We can, and hosting is in the works. Just not part of our initial launch.

SMS notifications

One of the major features of Podcasteasy is timely notifications and reminders. We envision the option to receive these notifications on your phone as a great value add to those of you always one the move.

Social media integrations

Initially, Podcasteasy will include some basic social integrations. But we dream of the world where you can schedule posts for the launch of your shows, and communicate socially to contacts right from Podcasteasy.

Improved planning tools

We’re confident that the initial planning tools will provide a large amount of efficiency right away. But we also imagine additional tools, such as dynamic plans pulling content from the internet.

Automated tasks

From auto follow ups with contacts, to auto creation of plans from email posts and blog posts, there’s so much we can do and we’re on it.

Interview Directory

A place to search and find new interviewees and add them to your Podcasteasy contacts list once they approve your request. This one gets us excited!

Socializing Podcasteasy

What if you could see what other Podcasteasy users are doing, when they’re planning their shows, or that they’ve launched their next episode, or that they are looking for interviews or help. We’d love to help the podcast community grow, and socializing Podcasteasy might just be able to help.

Website Plugins

If you support your podcast with a website, and show notes, wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically publish and display show notes pages using your Podcasteasy plans? We think so.

Have an idea?

If you have other ideas on how Podcasteasy could help you and fellow podcasters, please let us know.
Email your ideas to info@podcasteasy.com.