The CRM built specifically for Podcasters

At the core of Podcasteasy is the Contact Relationship Management tool, built specifically for the purpose of streamlining podcast interviewees and information sources.

Podcasteasy - Contact Management

Basic CRM features

At the core of Podcasteasy is the Client Relationship Management system. So we included standard adding and editing of contacts details as the core features.

Social contact details

Most interviews happen through social media connections and correspondence, so it only makes sense to provide a way to store contacts social accounts for one click connections.

Contact related reminders

Ever missed a follow up for an interview, or forgot to send that interview request??? Reminders will help you never miss another interview opportunity again.

Activity timelines

As you communicate and interact with the contacts in your account Podcasteasy will keep a timeline. So you can see when you last connected, or when updates where made by team members, and more…

Contact Search

As you get more and more contacts in your account, the search feature will help you save time and be more efficient with your contact management, and retrieving that certain contacts details for a quick call.

Plan Integration

All your contacts have the ability to be assigned to your podcast plans. You can link one or more contacts to a plan, to allow for many additional features, such as interview scripts, sharing with your contacts, and searching down the road to reference past episodes.