What makes Podcasteasy your new best friend?

The features and integrations within Podcasteasy deliver time savings and make it easy to create a great show. You can even collaborate with your team.


Contact Management

Manage interviewees, informational resources, or general contacts. Link their social profiles and all their contact details. Schedule reminders and followups so you don’t miss that special interview. Each contact includes all the information you need to streamline your interviews and stay in touch with your contacts.

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Contact Management with Podcasteasy

Planning Tools

At the core of great episodes is great content. Planning this content has never been easier. Podcasteasy provides the tools and management of each episode through plans. You can even link your contacts to plans and share interview scripts. If you work with a team, collaboration is a breeze through plans as well.

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Planning tools with Podcasteasy

Team Management

Collaboration is key to creating a great show. Create your team of co-hosts, producers, and virtually anyone you want to collaborate with you through Podcasteasy’s team management.

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(requires our team plan)

Team Management with Podcasteasy

The Dashboard

Bringing it all together into a dashboard that makes it easy to see the status of your next plan, upcoming reminders, today’s calendar with events, and other handy tools just makes sense.

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Podcasteasy - CRM Dashboard

Future Features

We’re always looking to make Podcasteasy the best tool possible for podcasters. Here’s some of the ideas we’re kicking around.

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Future Features in Podcasteasy