November Update #1 – Podcasteasy Progress

Hey, Launch Pod!

It’s been a couple weeks since I sent out an update about Podcasteasy. So here is the November #1 update.

I’ve been developing away and it’s coming along nicely. At this point the following items have been completed and gone through testing:

  • Initial framework setup and configurations
  • User authentication system (who gets to see and use what)
  • Dashboard Screen (it will grow as the app does)
  • Contact management core (the data related to contact management)
  • Planning Tools core (the date related to planning and some interface)
  • Account management and related settings (username, password, profile details, notification preferences, and more)
  • System login
  • Forgot password + notifications
  • Create new account process (this was fun – it’s going to be super simple to get started with Podcasteasy)

As for next in line here’s the summarized list (there’re about 150 items in the list):

  • Fine tuning planning tools and integrating contacts into plans
  • Contact management interfaces and usability optimizations
  • Payment gateway installation
  • Many many front end user interfaces optimizations and UX improvements
  • Team management ( the ability for you to add/edit/delete team members and determine the access they get to help you manage you account)

But what about BETA testing you ask….

I’m still shooting for mid/end of November. At which point the beta testing will be a two week period. Don’t worry I’ll send a few notifications before then so you won’t miss it.

Also, I’ve been thinking about how to reward those of you in the Launch Pod as I said I would. Here’s the offer for those that sign up before launch (excluding those that already redeemed the 50 for life offer – you still get that!)

50% off your first year!

This offer assumes you’ll sign up for a year plan, but that’s a pretty good offer if you ask me. Also, with all Podcasteasy accounts, you can try it for FREE to see if it’s the tool for you and your Podcast before taking the offer.

So that’s $55 for the Amateur plan and $110 on the Professional plan for the first year. I’ll provide the promotion code in the next week or two.

The annual plans already give you a month FREE, so the 50% discount is an additional incentive on the annual plans.

I hope that get’s you guys excited!

As always please feel free to provide any feedback you may have to make Podcasteasy the best tool for podcasters it can possibly be. The first phase of functionality is essentially confirmed, but I have a huge list of additional items I’m happy to add to.

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