December Update #2 – Podcasteasy Progress

Well, it’s December already – which means the BETA target of mid/end November has come and gone. But I want to deliver something great to you all (and the world), so it’s taking a couple weeks longer than expected.

But, I want to take a new approach to keeping you in the loop (along with the Launch Pod email updates). Join the Launch Pod to get these notifications.

Here’s the Google doc I’m working from. You can see every issue I’m going to be working on. 1 – means must be done before launch, 2 – means may be able to launch without, 3 – means after launch.

View Podcasteasy BETA Launch Google Sheet

Caution: the detail in the spreadsheet is mostly for technical nerds like myself!

So BETA is looking like the end of December. But let me say this – I will launch the app Jan 1st at the latest!
Launch Pod Offer (updated slightly) – 50% off your first year!

This offer assumes you’ll sign up for a year plan, but that’s a pretty good offer if you ask me. Also, with all Podcasteasy accounts, you can try it for FREE to see if it’s the tool for you and your Podcast before taking the offer.

So that’s $50 for the Amateur plan and $100 on the Professional plan for the first year. I’ll provide the promotion code in the next week or two to Launch Pod members only.

The annual plans now include two months FREE, so the 50% discount is an additional incentive on the annual plans already included discount.

I have a Request!

I’m assuming you’ve all seen the homepage, which means you’ve seen the image I’m using as a placeholder for the background and some theme stuff. Well, I’d like to give one of you the chance to have your podcasting setup used in the Podcasteasy branding.

If you have a high-res image of your podcasting setup (maybe including you podcasting, and your co-host if you have one), and want to allow me/Podcasteasy to use it for branding on the website and in the app (royalty free) – send it along!