From a podcaster for podcasters

“I was only podcasting for a couple months and realized there must be a better way” – Matt Coco, Founder Podcasteasy

Hi I’m Matt Coco, the creator/founder of Podcasteasy, and a podcaster.I decided after delaying for several years to get started on a podcast. As a marketing professional and someone who loves the strategic side of marketing, it only made sense to create a podcast that focused on the reasons why verse the how. So I created A Marketing Podcast with Matt Coco.

After only two and half months of podcasting, I started to get frustrated with using several tools to plan my shows and distribute the content through my website, and my podcast. It was taking too long to plan every show. Mostly due to the use of Google Docs, WordPress, researching and keeping notes in my notepad, and more google docs. Then I started doing interviews, in came another platform to keep track of correspondence with interviewees and planning the interview.

In steps Podcasteasy.

If only there was a tool for podcasting like there is for almost every other industry. A tool that bought the required features together to create a single place to handle all the administration and planning of podcast shows. I looked, and couldn’t find. So I decided to build one.

Podcasteasy - Content management for serious podcasters

I wanted to make sure people wanted the tool as well

But before I decided to build the tool for a more commercial use (instead of just for myself) I wanted to make sure that others were having the same frustrations.

I shared the idea with various communities and social media and found out I wasn’t the only one. With several commitments of real money to the idea, I decided to go ahead. And here we are!

Podcasteasy isn’t going to be the most complicated and enterprise level piece of software, at least not for a very long time, but it is going to make it easier for podcasters to create great shows and do so efficiently.

If you like the idea of Podcasteasy, Signup and try for free.