The CRM for podcasters.

Keep track of your interviewees and related contacts, plan future episodes with handy tools, categorize and tag your episodes for easy reference later, and become part of a world-wide podcasting community!

Podcasteasy Features

CRM for Podcasters

Keep track of who you reach out to for an interview, when to follow up, their contact details, social media profiles, notes, and more...

Episode planning

A place to keep notes and plan future episodes. Link up interviewees to episodes, develop show notes, manage categories and tags for referencing later, and more.

Easy access episodes

Sync your podcast RSS feed to Podcasteasy and add categories, tags, notes, and assign contacts to be able to search through your episodes on the fly. Never get cought out on what episode you said "that thing" in again...

Podcast Directory

A listing in our public podcast directory. Hey every link helps right!


Add multiple user accounts and link to your Podcasteasy account to collaborate on the management of interviewees and the planning of new episodes.

Important Notifications

Need to follow up with an interview request, or remember when to publish an episode, or virtually any reminder you can think of - set a date, give it a description, and make sure you don't miss a thing. We'll send an email and display an alert in the app as well.

Manage Multiple Podcasts

Each account in Podcasteasy can have multiple podcasts assigned to it. Making it even easier to manage multiple podcasts in one place.

Good old fashion To-Do List

There's always small to-dos that you never remember, so we'll give you a spot on your dashboard to add to-dos and check them off once done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Podcasteasy.

Is Podcasteasy live?

Nope. Podcasteasy is in the validation phase right now. It's being developed, but as a personal tool (for Matt). We're validating it as a commercial paid application and need your help to do so.

When are we making the decision to launch or not?

We will make a decision on whether or not to go ahead with Podcasteasy by August 31st, 2016. If we achieve 50 commitments before then, we'll let you know and move ahead earlier!

Why are we aiming for 50 committed users?

50 committed users equals $500 per month in recurring revenue (pre-launch $10 for life offer). Which is a nice number and we feel it validates Podcaseasy. Obviously, we would love for more than 50 people to commit to the app, but this is our goal.

Once we decide to move ahead, how long until launch?

As Podcasteasy is being developed for personal use already, we envision 2-3 months to complete and commercialise the code for public use. So December 2016 ish.

How do you claim the launch offer?

All you have to do is join the Launch Pod and you'll be provided with a form to claim the offer.

Join the Launch Pod

How are we taking payments?

Podcasteasy makes use of the Stripe payment solution. You're cards details are in good hands with Stripe, and we've setup SSL for additional security for your information.

Find out more about Stripe.

When will we charge your card?

Instantly. We'll hold your $5 or $10 until launch, at which point it will become non-refundable and your first month of Podcasteasy will be paid for.

Will we refund your $10?

Yes of course. If you contact us prior to the launch and request a refund, we'll process it right away.

What happens if Podcasteasy doesn't go ahead?

We'll make a very public announcement, only after trying our hardest to get to our 50 commitments, and then we'll return your $5 or $10 right after that.

How can you trust that this isn't a scam?

Firstly, our aim is to not return you $5 or $10 and launch Podcasteasy! Secondly, Podcasteasy is the brain child of Matt Coco, host of To find out more about Matt and the type of guy he is visit A Marketing Podcast - About Matt

When will we charge you again?

Exactly one month after launch day you will get another charge to your card for the amount of $10. Then every month after that until you cancel your account.

Why are we charging up front?

This tactic is what I'd like to call the "Crazy High Resistance Validation" tactic. If there's not enough perceived value in Podcasteasy to put down $10 bucks x 50 people, then I'll pack my bags and go home. I only want to build something that people want and will use, and I'm confident this approach will help identify that.

Got more questions?

If we didn't answer your question above - please contact Matt to find out more:

Get Podcasteasy 50% off for life

As a member of the launch pod, you can claim our launch offer of 50% OFF for LIFE!
That's $5 /month for Amateur, and $10/month for Professional, instead of the regular $10 /month or $20/month pricing.

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Pre-Launch Pricing

Here's what you get as part of a Podcasteasy subscription once we launch!

  • Amateur
    $5 /month

    Regular $10/m
  • Perfect for the Single Amateur podcaster!
  • Manage up to 25 contacts
  • Unlimited Plans
  • Unlimitied Reminders
  • 1 Podcast
  • 1 User
  • Premium listing in our directory
  • Redeem Pre-Launch Offer
  • Professional
    $10 /month

    Regular $20/m
  • All the power of Podcasteasy for those serious about Podcasting.
  • Manage unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Plans
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • Unlimited Podcasts
  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium listing in our directory
  • Redeem Pre-Launch Offer

  • Freemium

  • Use all the features of Podcasteasy for free for life. Upgrade to PRO when you out grow our free account.
  • Manage up to 10 contacts
  • Plan up to 10 episodes
  • Unlimitied reminders
  • 1 Podcast
  • 1 User
  • Your podcast in our Directory.
  • More Info

Prices are in US dollars.

Podcasteasy - The CRM built for Podcasters

Join the Launch Pod

We'll keep you up to date on the progress of the app, ask for your help along the way, and come launch day you'll be on your way to stress free podcasting!



As a member of the launch pod, you can claim our launch offer discount of 50% OFF for LIFE! That's Amateur for $5 /month or Professional for $10/month instead of the regular $10 or $20 price. Sign up below to join the Launch Pod and claim your 50% for life!

And claim our launch offer!


It's ok if you don't want to claim the offer, you can simply join the launch pod to stay up to date on the progress of Podcasteasy.